A series of photographs which i took in the Works Skatepark was to try my hand at some fast moving subjects and with it been an indoors skatepark the lighting was very tricky to capture a good quality image which was also well illuminated so you could see all the subjects within the frame.

Using a fast shutter speed of 1/125’s on this shoot to capture the movement also gives it a very slowed down feel as if he were only travel 1-2 mph, i could have captured this photo using a shutter speed of 1/60′ but i had decided through trial and error to use 1/125’s as it captured the slow and fast moving images perfectly.

I took this as an attempt of aperture i don’t really think it worked as an aperture photo however the black and white really brings out the tones in the graffiti.

The black silhouette of the biker adds to the dismal effect given by the building

This photo is a good use of aperture although the background is not that out of focus you can tell when comparing it with the foreground and clarity of the image the contrast works well to give a good sense of aperture.

What next?

One of the few colour photos i took

This is one of the only colour photos i took to highlight the lighting at the location and how poor it was and why i had to constantly alter the settings in the camera to get good quality photos and is the main reason why i was shooting in black and white.