These group of photos were taken for a university project based on an FHM and fashion shoot. The shoot was carried out by myself using the 17-85mm Canon lens, the red effects which appear on several of the images were created using a studio lighting kit which i borrowed from a friend.

The shoot took around five hours to finish with around 200 photos at the end of it, obviously not all the photos were perfect as the lighting was not always right every time, the photos on this page are just a small selection of the final photos from the shoot.

The models in the images are Kim Fryer and Stacey Murray.

The lighting set on this really allowed me to capture more crisp sharp images. Having the light directly behind the camera meant that it reduce the shadows casted by the models, this could then easily be altered my moving the position on the lights or my self and the camera.

The use of the red filters was in my opinion was a good choice as it added to the seedy FHM style look, and corresponds well to the after dark issue i read to gather some ideas for my shoot.

The Canon 17-85mm was the lens i opted for on this shoot as the fish-eye was simply not working with the lack of zoom and curve given on the final image it was throwing the light off and giving too much contrast again the models and lighting.