I guess inspiration for me is something that i find hard to define, i mean to put into words where my creativity and ideas come from is somewhat of a challenge for me, i just seem to be out and about or hear something, see something and it can just spark an idea in my head and i have to try it out just to find out if it was worth the thought process or not.

My thoughts about my own inspiration and how i can define it go back into my past, before i was born, i guess you could say my family is my inspiration or the concept of family gives me inspiration. To carry on the family name but to remember those who came before you is sometimes difficult as memories can fade.

Having a camera in my hand everyday opened my eyes to the people who came before me, recently i found some old photographs one of which was around 70 years old and these photos turned on the light bulb in my head that this is my inspiration family and memories to preserve them and continue to create and capture them.

In this photograph, my mother (front), grandmother (top right) and grandmothers sister (top left)

In this photograph is my mother (front), grandfather (top left) and mothers uncle (top right)

In this photograph my great grandfather (centre), the other two gentlemen are unknown to me

Here is what i believe to be my inspiration and what will always be the inspiration for my work, my work is not to replicate these photographs but to see them and understand what the emotions could have been when they were taken, and then to capture my experiences and preserve them for the future of my family and for everyone around me to enjoy, and maybe they may just choose to follow in my footsteps.