These photographs captured at the German Market were taken over the christmas period using both the 17-85mm Canon lens and the Vivitar fish-eye lens. The fish-eye lens was my preferred choice while taking these photos, with it been a manual lens it has a lower aperture value than the canon lens giving me more range on low light photos allowing me to capture those darker but inspiring moments.

The above photos were taken at the German Market and incorporate two camera techniques which focus upon shutter speed and aperture. The bright lights on location set against the dark night sky and the dark recesses i.e. alleyways between the stalls and rides.

This then presents a tricky situation in which the camera had to be constantly altered to enhance the final outcomes.

This is the main reason why i opted for the Vivitar fish-eye lens which has a manual aperture and allows me to have a wider aperture than possible on my Canon 17-85mm lens.