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Merits all round people i am ecstatic


Its a nervous time for me and the rest of the photographic journalists as its that dreaded time for our project assessments this week fingers crossed it goes well.

Aside from this its almost time for the start of our new semester, new projects, and new faces with our new tutors.

The Latest in Life

The past few days have been very eventful for me and my camera. Spent some time in and around leeds this week taking some urban shots and trying my hand at some HDR photos, with great success i might add.

Took a trip to Ilkley the following day with Mike, had a great day, great laughs and some fantastic photo opportunities, the same evening we thought we’d try our hand at some sports photography so we paid a visit to the Works Skatepark in Leeds good night and the tricky lighting really pushed my skills that little bit further to get them all important shots.

All in all a pretty productive week i guess you could say.